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Episode 5 results

So episode 5 has come and gone and the results of the final round are out. Unfortunately for team Rental Boys, we didn't quite make it to produce a sixth episode. Everyone involved in the project are very proud of the 5 little webisodes we produced, and we hope you laughed as much as we did watching them. We are all eternally grateful to everyone who went out/in to vote for each episode and help us get so far in the competition! No doubt all involved will go on to do incredible things.
In the time it took for 35 minutes (5 x 7minutes) of comedy to be produced a team bonded, comedians went to fringe festivals, babies were born and people laughed. A lot. So if you never watched the show we produced before, please do jump online and watch 'em!

Dingle Film Festival

We're very pleased to announce that Rental Boys has been submitted to the Dingle Film Festival! We'll be involved in the Comedy Shorts Programme in the Phoenix Cinema at 10.30AM on Saturday. Tickets are €5 and well worth it as there's a load of things to catch! Some of the Rental Boys crew will be there, so say hello!

Good luck to HB

Since the finale has arrived and results were counted, we wanted to take the opportunity to wish the juggernauts of Storyland, Hardy Bucks, all the best in their final Storyland episode. Since they came into the competition with two episodes, we doubt that Storyland will be the last time we see the boys from the Wesht. Despite the Dubs vs. Culchie rivalry that cropped up, our little show was written by a lady hailing from Corcaigh and a production studio/office based in Tullamore. So don't worry, there were plenty of mad accents on our sets too.
So don't forget to watch their final episode when it airs on September 25th.


Every step of the way I've been around taking pictures with my camera (first episode was 450D, Canon... the rest was taken on a Canon 50D, prime lenses). If not, someone else was taking snaps! We have a pictures page which nicely taps into our flickr account. However, it's worth jumping direct to the flickr page and checking out the rest of the stuff. Leave some comments and add us as a friend!